How to encourage your music team, even when you’re not the leader

praise-godtaintedcanvasdotcomSometimes church musicians are so busy being musicians that they forget how huge the task is for their Music Ministry leader. They expect the leader to do just about everything, to encourage and hold the team together, sort out all problems, plan ahead and keep things running smoothly. Now while the leader is the leader for a reason (like their good musical and leadership skills) how great would it be if every single player and singer and sound technician took up the opportunity to positively influence the way their team functions. Consider the following list, of 10 ways team members can be more encouraging members of their music team:

1.  Read God’s Word regularly and let it impact your daily life. Be growing in your both your knowledge and likeness of Christ.

2.  Pray for your team leader, for other team members, and your own role in the team. Pray for the impact of the Gospel through your music, that people will be saved, that people with grow in Christ.

3.  Engage in deep relationships with others, investing time and showing genuine concern.

4.  Consider others as better than your self. Listen to others as you rehearse and play, and give “space” in the arrangement where others can contribute. (Don’t just play non stop from the treble clef to the double bar line!) Remember that your ears are the most important instrument in a band.

5.  Reflect on the songs you use in church – give your leader feedback (positive and negative).

6.  Show initiative: Keep your ears open for new songs which are encouraging, Christ-focused, catchy, beautiful and singable. Suggest new arrangements for old songs.

7.  Be consistent in attending rehearsals, and on time. Rehearse at home if possible. Be at church consistently, even when you are not singing/playing.

8.  Go the extra mile; hang around, tidy up, pack up music.

9.  Be more than a musician: don’t see music ministry as your only role in the body of Christ. Don’t become blinkered to other gospel opportunities. Take a break and look at other areas where people are needed to serve.

10.  Promote peace and unity of purpose.

Now while I’m no expert at leading music teams, I have been working on that task for quite some time … And I find these are the areas which team members most often neglect. I hope this list will be helpful for your musicians and if you are the leader, I hope you reap some rewards from these suggestions very soon! Bless you!

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10 thoughts on “How to encourage your music team, even when you’re not the leader

  1. I love how hardly any of those points were actually about music! We get so caught up in the technical stuff that we forget to worship! One of the biggest challenges to me when I was leading worship (I’m not currently serving in that capacity) was remembering to actually worship while I was leading.


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