How to encourage your music team, even when you’re not the leader


praise-godtaintedcanvasdotcomSometimes church musicians are so busy being musicians that they forget how huge the task is for their Music Ministry leader. They expect the leader to do just about everything, to encourage and hold the team together, sort out all problems, plan ahead and keep things running smoothly. Now while the leader is the leader for a reason (like their good musical and leadership skills) how great would it be if every single player and singer and sound technician took up the opportunity to positively influence the way their team functions. Consider the following list, of 10 ways team members can be more encouraging members of their music team:

1.  Read God’s Word regularly and let it impact your daily life. Be growing in your both your knowledge and likeness of Christ.

2.  Pray for your team leader, for other team members, and your own role in the team…

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One thought on “How to encourage your music team, even when you’re not the leader

  1. There are some very relevant points here, but I really believe Christians in the Australian church culture need to practice washing each other’s feet, an illustration Christ showed us. I call it “common courtesy” but in biblical terms it’s placing others before yourselves where we, specifically as musicians, honour and respect each other deeply enough that most of the issues listed will disappear. Being on time to rehearse, listening to each other, submitting to the team leader, not playing your instrument while others are speaking, making time to ensure your instrument is in the best condition possible etc. The writer started where all things should, by studying Gods word and seeking “1st the kingdom of God”

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