Why “seven notes of grace”?

Why “seven notes of grace” –  apart from the difficulty of choosing an original blog title, the seven refers to the seven notes of the musical scale (since music is such an important part of who I am) . . . the notes refers to writing . . . the grace refers to God’s grace, which offers to unworthy people like myself His forgiveness, peace, hope and love . . and the gift of music!

The seven notes

Waiting on the Lamb

Just under 12 hours to go until Christmas 2011. I’m waiting on the lamb roast which is still cooking making us all very hungry.  The presents are wrapped, the menu finalised, the lawn mowed, the vacuum is humming and everyone is waiting for these last few hours to elapse until another Christmas morn arrives. Christmas really is all the better for the waiting.
Mary and Joseph waited many months to see the arrival of the promised Son of God, and the fulfillment of the promises God made so long ago, a suffering servant, the Lamb of God, who would come to rescue His people. And He did! This is the most astounding thing: God became a man, so that all mankind could know Him and find their joy and fulfillment in Him. The Lamb of God has come! And He is coming back! While we are waiting on the return of the Lamb, let’s get busy “waiting” on Him, serving Him and helping fulfill His purposes in this broken world. His gift of grace is for all people, even those who despise Him.
“God placed His greatest gift on the tree, not under it”.

Merry Christmas and welcome to my new blog!