Carol of the bells – The Piano Guys

Some more fantastic festive music for you from the Piano Guys:

the_piano_guys_family_christmas_5114053 You can find the album here on iTunes

2 thoughts on “Carol of the bells – The Piano Guys

  1. Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    Who gave men the hands to make music,
    What gives the musician the inspiration they need?
    It is the Lord that compels the man play his melody,
    Inspiring tunes originate from the Almighty.
    Who gives the listener of music great joy,
    Who allows the tunes of song stir the heart?
    My Holy King inclines my ear to hear the melodies,
    It is Holy One who stirs the soul with song.
    For God gives the muscian the call to play,
    His musical mission was brought forth by the Lord.
    So I will thank the Lord for the song He gives,
    For the melodies He provides, I will give Him praise.

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