The things we sing

Love what this post has to say about the richness of lyrics found in praise and worship songs in other cultures, which we so rarely acknowledge or consider.
“According to the mercy I’ve received,
According to the greatness of your kindness,
Help me to serve You, Oh Lord.
And give me the fire of your Spirit.”

Manie's Musings

Much can be said about the songs sung during Christian worship. I am sure many of you have a favourite song or songs that manage to perfectly express your own heart’s cry to God. Then there are those songs which we feel should never have been written and certainly not found their way into the worship of the church. There are songs ancient and modern; songs that proclaim the unfathomable greatness and amazing grace of our Maker; songs about the deep mysteries of the incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, and second coming of the Christ; songs that express our love and adoration; songs of sorrow and repentance, asking for mercy; songs inviting lost sinners to come to the Saviour; songs that, incredibly, simply … er … perhaps I shouldn’t go there.

What we sing in worship matters tremendously. Singing spiritual songs is not just the part of the worship service that…

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