Why you should thank your music teacher

gracepianoHere are ten things music teachers should be thanked for.

1. They taught you that it’s ok to make mistakes, and making them is how we learn and grow as a person. That’s something useful for life in general, not just music.

2. They taught you to believe in your abilities and stay calm under pressure. Again, not bad qualities to have regardless of what you’re doing.

3. They encouraged you to do your best and push your limits.

4. They destroyed the “practice makes perfect” cliche. In reality, a copious amount of practice is not enough to become a great musician. You always need to find a way to make yourself inspired.

5. They show tremendous dedication, including by taking after school lessons, running school orchestras and clubs, and planning activities. A lot of this additional commitment is never recognised in a teacher’s working hours or salary.

6. They made mathematics easier to understand.After all, its simpler to grasp the concept of two quarter notes fitting in to a half than trying to stare at a badly drawn diagram on a blackboard.

7. They pushed you to take responsibility for your actions, by practicing for your weekly piano lessons or remembering to bring your violin to school.

8. They opened the doors to something which has been shown to stimulate the entire brain. As we noted in a recent article, a vast quantity of scientific research has proven the positive effects of music in many areas.

9. They stressed the importance of always looking for ways to improve. Whether or not you’re still playing piano today, a healthy dose of self-criticism can only be a good thing.

10. They showed you that music is a lot more than just something you listen to or have on in the background. It’s there to be experienced.


3 thoughts on “Why you should thank your music teacher

  1. Thanks for sharing but you didn’t have my music teacher! It was not okay to make mistakes, my ability was constantly under fire, and practice was supposed to make perfect! On the other hand I am thankful that I learned to accept the tedium of discipline which led me to keep playing all my life. I have lately been grateful for the long dreary clarinet lessons when my buddies were having a blast playing baseball. I am thankful that music doesn’t just run, it flows through my soul and gives me a voice to express my deepest feeling. yes bless my music teacher and my step-dad who pounded it into to me since I was five. In the words of Rita Springer it was worth it all! Blessings to you for sharing!

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