Tonight our life begins

Greetings all! Thanks for reading along and welcome to my new followers!
Just a quick post to share a lovely song for a wedding reception. If you’ve got one coming up, check it out! The song is called TONIGHT by JJ Heller, a gentle slow (dance) song, from the album The Pretty and the Plain. Listen here on itunes (track 6). Enjoy.

pretty and the plain“Tonight”
Love, you are lovely
You have put the stars to shame
I have lost my senses, and you’re the one to blame
Bluer than the sky above, closer than my skin
Tonight our life begins

Now we are dancing
We spin like falling leaves
Hold me tighter darling
I never want to leave
As we move across the floor it’s starting to sink in
Tonight our life begins

You are mine beloved
And I am yours to keep
Take my heart forever
You have captured me
God is singing over us,

we hear it in the wind
Tonight our life begins

And here’s another song with wedding potential – and a video clip. THE BOAT SONG – beautiful!
And you should also check this one out: WHAT LOVE REALLY MEANS


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