When in doubt, Mercy…

I enjoyed these words!

sermons and soda water

Jude quote
God loves doubters too and he is just
as concerned with caring for them as correcting them.
The comments in this third post on the theme of doubt come form Os Guinness and C.S.Lewis.

God in the Dark“Interestingly, God’s remedy for Elijah’s depression was not a refresher course in theology but food and sleep… Before God spoke to him at all, Elijah was fed twice and given a good chance to sleep. Only then, and very gently, did God confront him with his error. This is always God’s way. Having made us as human beings, He respects our humanness and treats us with integrity. That is, He treats us true to the truth of who we are. It is human beings and not God who have made spirituality impractical.”

From Os Guinness, God in the Dark

Lewis LettersIt is often the devil working through some defect in our health, and in extreme cases it needs a…

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