Online and off the planet

I’ve been waiting for someone to make a clip about this. It is pretty well done, and gets the message across clearly. Now to go turn off the iPad.
Here is the link in case the one below doesn’t work:

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

TODAY’S technology is unparalleled in history as a means of communicating with others and as a means of sharing information. It is ironic that many find themselves increasingly isolated from the presence of other people. Here’s a short film for the online generation.

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4 thoughts on “Online and off the planet

  1. That’s a great video. My wife and I talk about this a lot. We’ll be in a gathering of people and half of them are on their phones instead of engaging in conversation with the person in front of them! We almost need to have “shut off social networks and be sociable!” sign up so people will actually talk to each other.


    • Yes! I know some people say we are just longing for the way things were in the past….and I’m wrestling with that challenge….but I wonder what will have to happen for people to wake up to what they are missing while staring at the screens.


      • There’s nothing wrong with social networking, in and of itself. In a lot of ways, it’s good. That is, IF one can separate him or her self from it when they are around other people. And if it doesn’t interfere with other things they should be doing. But I agree with you. I think people need a revelation of what they’re missing while staring at their screens.
        By the way, I shared something along these lines a while back and one of the people commenting shared this video. It’s an interesting presentation and really says a LOT about this…


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