How to suffer well

I recently met the author of this book, which has prompted me to repost my review from 2012. Many of you were probably not reading along back then. I don’t want you to miss out on the “predictable surprise of Christian suffering!” Blessings to you.


BOOK REVIEW: Suffering Well: The predictable surprise of Christian Suffering by Paul Grimmond (2011), Matthias Media.

It was John Wesley who famously said of Christians in his era “our people die well”.  Presumably they died strong in the faith, with an understanding that this life is not all there is, or all that matters, and with hope in the glorious future that awaits in Christ beyond the grave.

Could the same be said of Christians in the 21st century? How do we cope with suffering in general, let alone death? Do we suffer and die ‘well’?

In the first chapter of his challenging book ‘Suffering Well’ author Paul Grimmond states his case: when it comes to suffering we are prisoners of our age who have “lost touch with biblical truth because of the constant hum of worldly thinking that swirls around in our heads

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