Homeless man’s surprise role in Carlos Whittaker’s music video

The recording of this music video took a turn for the amazing when a homeless man (Danny) kneels in worship and adds his powerful impromptu vocals to those of Carlos Whittaker. This is the power of music and the love of Christ is rolled into one! The praise of our great God is unstoppable!

Read the full story behind the event here: http://ragamuffinsoul.com/2013/11/dannygod/
If you would like to hear more from this singer, find his album here.

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Creation calls – are you listening?                               Praising God makes our Joy complete!
Image created by Sarah Danaher with a Canon EOS 5D MkIImade-to-praise_t

6 thoughts on “Homeless man’s surprise role in Carlos Whittaker’s music video

  1. Ros, you are wrecking me with these videos! Just incredible here…it got better and better. I could feel tears coming! I so hope this turns out for the betterment of this man. But it’s a wonderful lesson that we don’t always see who possess spiritual wealth.


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