None but God would graciously forgive

None but God would ever have thought of justifying me.
I am a wonder to myself.

I doubt not that grace is equally seen in others.
Look at Saul of Tarsus, who foamed at the mouth, against God’s servants.
Like a hungry wolf, he worried the lambs and the sheep right and left;
and yet God struck him down on the road to Damascus, and changed his heart,
and so fully justified him that before long, this man became the
greatest preacher of justification by faith that ever lived.
He must often have marveled that he was justified by faith in Christ Jesus;
for he was once a determined stickler for salvation by the works of the law.
None but God would have ever thought of justifying such a man as
Saul the persecutor; but the Lord God is glorious in grace.

Charles Spurgeon, All of Grace

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4 thoughts on “None but God would graciously forgive

  1. Beautiful. this man became the
    greatest preacher of justification by faith that ever lived.
    This we should reflect on, often to remind us that nothing we can ever do will justify our personal salvation. Only what Christ did on the cross. Blessings my friend 😉


  2. the last 3 post were excellent ! Loved the music trains your brain! I studied classical music so it’s true! Great you tube video, too. This is a beautiful poetic expression ~ Loved it! Debbie


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