Grace dispels fear through the promises

freedom with textJohn Piper “The Power of a Superior Promise” from Solid Joys Devotionals

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7 thoughts on “Grace dispels fear through the promises

  1. I’ve been in Psalm 17 and drinking this in.
    What I read in your post God has been immersing me in this morning.
    Thanks for checking out and finding quotes like these and bring them like satisfying snacks of grace.
    Peter 🙂


  2. Great quote. And amen on freedom instead of fear! I was reading the other day that God knew that it was easier for us as humans to believe promises than obey commandments. So He established His covenant with Abraham on believing promises, not on obeying commands, That wouldn’t come for another 430 years with Moses, as Paul points out in Galatians. And that’s why the New Covenant of grace and faith we belong to is about believing the promises. It was for freedom that Christ set us free! Hallelujah! Blessings.


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