Leading praise and worship is not about us

It also doesn’t depend on us feeling good!  I recently read the interesting musings of a worship leader who was feeling temporarily rather flat, and contemplating how to go about leading at church in such a state.  I love his conclusions, about the fact that faithfulness to the task is what counts, not the results. I’m sure you’ll be encouraged by the excerpt below.

FEELING FLAT (from Daniel K. Robinson, Voice in Worship)

“. . . My current sense of d_feelingflat1ejection did have me wondering (as you do) about the role of the worship leader and how we don’t always ‘feel’ like leading people in worship. . . . So let’s hypothesise that I was ‘rostered on’ to lead worship this Sunday. How should I approach such a service? Should I, as I just suggested, ‘rouse’ my emotions and challenge myself to sing God’s praises regardless. Most certainly! God is worthy of my praise, regardless of my situation, circumstance or even emotional state. . . .  Can I worship God, moreover can I, and should I lead worship even when I’m not feeling emotionally buoyant?
Well I guess the answer to that query is found in the underlying ethos upon which my worship orientation is founded. For example, as Mark Pierson (2010) writes in The Art of Curating Worship, “If excellence is a primary goal, then the weak, the timid, the depressed, the disabled, the unskilled, the sick, the introverted, the overweight, the less attractive, the poor, and the untalented aren’t going to get a look in” (p. 65). I’m adding to Mark’s list…the temporarily despondent.
Allow me to offer the thought: perhaps my worship (and my leading thereof) in this moment of temporary despondency is worship experienced differently. Sure, on the outside it might not present with the level of excellence I have in the past but I am choosing to worship regardless of my feelings; offering myself as a living sacrifice – imperfectly despondent. Could this actually be a wonderful opportunity, disguised though it may be (even to myself), where my offering of worship is simply in the doing? Sometimes our worship becomes very ‘results’ orientated. . .  But maybe this occasion calls me to simply do and be with no expectation of result or outcome. How wonderfully un-gratifying! Now, in my current state of glumness, it’s not about me…it has to be all about Him. In the midst of the moment it may well be that God touches me in a refreshing way and I come through the experience changed and uplifted. Equally, it might not happen like that. But that should not be my reasoning anyway. I don’t worship simply for ‘what’s in it for me’. At least I shouldn’t…and this circumstance (my feeling flat) has actually gifted me with the opportunity to make sure that the worship service can’t be about me – but about the one to whom we offer our praise!”

(Read the full article here: Voice in Worship)

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