Who has the X Factor?

cat vassOkay, I’m going to admit that I have been totally drawn into viewing the television talent show X Factor. The last time such a thing happened was a decade ago, with the very first series of Australian Idol (2003) won by Guy Sebastian. While I am thoroughly aggravated by the hype, drama, ad breaks and soapie-style formatting, I do simply enjoy hearing the people sing! (Especially Georgie, but he was eliminated tonight in the cut for the final 12! Can you believe it? I think he didn’t have the pop star physique they were looking for. Check out the video at the end – I assure you it will bring a smile to your dial, as they say!)

Yet each voice is like a fingerprint, a unique sound that each person owns and uses to bring new life to old melodies. Each person has been on a unique journey to arrive at a place where they feel comfortable and confident with their voices. I find this most intriguing. Though some of them try their best to sound like pop stars who already own fame, their unique vocal colour shines through.

And this leads me to contemplate the incredible gift of singing voices that God has given. Such a divine gift from the Creator, a gift greatly admired and applauded even by those who will not give credit to the Maker of the voice. And who can beat true emotion conveyed through sung lyrics? A pleasant, dynamic voice can pack a punch unmatched by any spoken rhetoric.

God has designed us with singing voices for many reasons, but perhaps above all, that we would praise Him!
Oh that we could inspire our congregations to sing to God (and one another) with the conviction and energy of these X Factor hopefuls. Though these singers gather together to sing for their own fame (and supper), we gather together as Christ’s Body to praise Him. As we share the true Word of God together in song, surely we should be displaying equal or greater effort? We sing for the most famous One, the author of Life, the Saviour of the world, to declare His glory.  When we remember this purpose it can change our self-consciousness, often off-key, efforts into something mutually edifying. Praising God is so good for us. And so is singing!
Don’t you think?

And here’s Georgie (the full audition):

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7 thoughts on “Who has the X Factor?

  1. Yes I truly agree praising God is good for us as we reach out to the God who reached in to us.
    Ros, as a devout musician and singer your passion for God is undeniable and your fervour to inspire others to worship God through singing is admirably and frequently shared.
    As for singing being good for you I have some qualifications. I think being drawn in to praise God through singing is good and also depends on the personality of the congregation the personality of individuals, the style of singing, the environment of the place where Christians gather and whether a person relates to lyrics that are “Christian speak”. As I grew up in a poor family and from a blue collar background and like my father, I worked in a trade for 16 years then Jesus opened my life to believe in him I find it difficult to to connect with many songs that for me seem distant or unrelated to walking with God in worship and this world. I may be individualistic that I’ve sometines been criticised over still I desire and seek to walk with God in the new community.
    So here are just a few qualifications.
    I hope my personal thoughts expressed this way is good.
    Ros I always appreciate what you right as it teaches, encourages, gives fresh perspectives and an opportunity to give comments.
    Thank you kind lady.


    • Thanks Peter…..I suppose I really meant that physically singing is good for us, in terms of lung exercise and other brain functions that are involved, but praising God is even better, since it gets our eyes of ourselves and on to Him. Thanks for reading, and your comments.


      • Singing is good if we relax into it without worrying about ‘how we sound’. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on how we feel others will perceive us, praise in song is all about singing from the heart to God not to man. We must also bear in mind that just as there are many different types of people so there are many different ways to praise our God. Thanks for interesting musings.


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