Evolution of music – in song

This is a clever medley of songs across the last few centuries. Styles may change, but the desire remains constant, the desire to sing and harmonise, to express joy and emotions that otherwise would be difficult to say. Praise God for this unique gift he has given us.

2 thoughts on “Evolution of music – in song

  1. Great..and how good it is that we (you musicians) are able now to draw on all these styles in your creative moments for our enjoyment and even in worship; that what music has evloved from is not extinct but still lives if we want it to. What will you think of next?! 🙂


    • Yes!! Not sure what I will think of next. But I don’t mind the idea of having really specific music genre for your church as some do. I remember reading about Rick Warren’s church decided to use jazz as it fitted with their church demographic the best. Interesting!


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