The type of faith everyone wants

I just read this challenging description of our faith, which is gifted to us by our gracious God, and felt compelled to pass it on. It’s good to remember that the ‘world’ is not a faceless entity. It is  made of lost people who need a Saviour and hope! We have the faith they need!

“The world is desperate for a faith that combines two things: awestruck apprehension of unshakable divine Truth, and utterly practical, round-the-clock power to make a liberating difference in life. That is what I want too. Which is why I am a Christian.

There is a great God of grace who magnifies his own infinite self-sufficiency by fulfilling promises to helpless people who trust him. And there is a power that comes from prizing this God that leaves no nook and cranny of life untouched. It empowers us to love in the most practical ways.”

From Future Grace by John Piper, p. 259

One thought on “The type of faith everyone wants

  1. John Piper is being quoted a lot today. No big surprise, God gives him many great things to tell us!
    It’s amazing what a difference praying with faith makes. It’s kind of like God rewarding us – “positive reinforcement.” I guess we humans didn’t come up with the idea on our own!

    Thanks. 🙂



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