Whatever is Lovely – Blog Award

“One of20130531-003155.jpg my favorite verses in the Bible is also Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” My thoughts can go in all sorts of directions, and most of them go in the course that is not in line with God’s way. What a gem this verse is to show me exactly how God wants me to love Him with all my mind! Right in the middle of this verse is the word “lovely”. It is one of the eight things mentioned in this verse that our thoughts ought to be. The original word actually has its root in the Greek word phileo, which means affection, friendship, or love (think of Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love). So, the word in this verse does not mean beautiful or something that is externally pleasing to the eye, as sometimes we use that word in English. In essence, what the verse is saying is this: whatever would encourage a love and friendship towards others, let your mind dwell on those things.” (Note: this was so good that I left it as it was written!)

Blogging can become another means to encourage love and friendship, despite many miles between us as we write, and the fact that we may not ever meet face to face. Yet because of Christ we are united, we are friends and family!

Thanks to Lessons by Heart who nominated me for this Lovely Blog award. Her posts are most encouraging and I read them just about everyday! I would like to pass this award on to 7 lovely bloggers. Here are my nominees (I’ll send you to their “About”):

An Imperfect Life made perfect by grace (http://sheensteve.wordpress.com/about/) – Mother of triplets who is learning to rest on Christ’s perfection each day.
Mere Inkling (http://mereinkling.wordpress.com/about/) is written by a wise gentleman who lifts up Christ as the heart of Christianity, with plenty of humour, history, CS Lewis and Tolkien along the way.
Revelling in the Overflowing Grace of God (http://bickleyhouse.wordpress.com/about/) is a prolific blogger who writes some great long and interesting devotional material. Most encouraging!
Blazing Center (http://www.theblazingcenter.com/about) written by father and son pastors at Sovereign Grace Ministries, who also write amazing and encouraging song lyrics. This blog is the one I have enjoyed reading for the longest time.
Sermons and Soda Water (http://sermonsandsodawater.wordpress.com/about/) is an encouraging blog written by my wise “old” uncle (ha! ha!) about living simply and enjoying life in Christ.
Worship One (https://worship1.wordpress.com/) is a blog by a vocal teacher who has lots of great resources to share, and encouragement to sing!
MGPC Pastor’s Blog (http://garyware.me/about/) is one I’ve only discovered in the last week, but have really enjoyed the reports, reviews, thoughts, news (and fun).

That was a difficult task to choose just seven!

If you would like to post about this award and pass it on to others, here are the rules.
1. Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your new post (you can cut and paste the top section also)
2. Share seven things about you
3. Pass the award on to seven nominees
4. Thank the person who nominated you
5. Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs

Last and certainly least, here are 7 random things about me.
1. I have a Maremma dog named Mia – A maremma is an “Italian Shepherd” used in some countries to ward off foxes and bears. Ours minds the chickens.
2. I play too much “Words with Friends”
3. I play flute, piano, alto saxophone and sing, with some degree of success.
4. My favourite foods include almonds, ginger, avocado, mushrooms, mango and lychees.
5. My favorite “big word” to use is perspicuity – which means clarity! (ironically this word is unclear to many)
6. I love blogging about the BBC TV show DOCTOR WHO – at blueboxparables.wordpress.com
7. I grew up in the shadow of Mount Warning (which Captain Cook named), inside a volcanic crater, on a cattle farm (below is a view of the “backyard”).

mount warning

10 thoughts on “Whatever is Lovely – Blog Award

  1. Congratulations, and thank you for including Mere Inkling on your list of recommendations… The only change I’m make is to substitute the word “old” for the word “wise!”


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