Big God Words for kids of all sizes

Col BColin Buchanan is a pretty clever guy. I’m not sure how many of you from the USA or UK know much about him, but he has been producing fun and biblically true kids songs for around two decades. He is very well known here in Australia, not just for his kids music, but also as a Country singer and presenter on kids TV.
This is just one example of how Colin’s songs teach the great doctrines of God in a really catchy way. Though some people steer away from teaching the big words of the Bible, Colin makes clear the meaning of words like propitiation, substitution, salvation, justification and redemption to name but a few. All these words reveal the awesome grace God has shown us in sending Jesus! Enjoy.

Big Words That End in “Shun”

Big words that end in SHUN!
Show us what the Lord has DUN!
Through Jesus, His own SUN!
Big words, Big words that end in SHUN!

Revelat-SHUN! God shows Himself to us
Substitut-SHUN! Jesus takes our place
Salva-SHUN! Sinners saved from hell
Big words, Big words that end in SHUN…


Propitia-SHUN! God’s anger turned away
Justifica-SHUN! Just like we’d never sinned
Imputat-SHUN! Jesus’righteousness is mine
Big words, Big words that end in SHUN!


Resurrect-SHUN! Raised from death to life
Redemp-SHUN! Sinners bought by God
Adopt-SHUN! Sinners made God’s sons
Big words, Big words that end in SHUN!

Click HERE for a link to the sheet music and a Sunday School Lesson plan which I found.

2 thoughts on “Big God Words for kids of all sizes

  1. We love Colin Buchanan at our place! His songs are a great way of learning scripture for kids and adults alike. I’ve even been in Bible study and a relevant verse has come to mind and I’ve ended up singing it!

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