The blessings of multi-generational music teams

Though some may think church musicians must be either young and trendy or qualified professionals, people of all types and ages have different and valuable things to contribute to a church music team (even that baby drummer could add some great percussion!). Older, non-professional church musicians have many years of valuable experience, of knowing what works and what doesn’t, knowing how to create good arrangements of songs on the fly, and knowing how to work together effectively with others.
This last one is probably the most valuable asset! People who have been Christians and serving for a while (in an area which sometimes tempts us to all kinds of self-serving attitudes) have valuable insights, of thought and action, to teach newcomers to the faith and music ministry. Lots of really good discipling can occur in the context of regular team practices.
I must say I am blessed to be part of a team of around 30 people, with several representatives of each ‘decade’ from teens right through to people in their 60s.
One of my greatest joys is to learn from and teach others in music ministry. Often the learning comes from all directions, regardless of age.
If you are in the ‘older’ experienced church musician category, I would encourage you to seek out some younger players to mentor, not just in the mechanics of playing or singing, but in developing a mindset of music as Gospel ministry, where leaders are servants, and selflessness is the key.
Blessings to you in your ministry!

3 thoughts on “The blessings of multi-generational music teams

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