Music ministry training paper – great resource for your team

guitarsIf you are a leader of a church music team it is helpful (and wise) to think of your ministry as a training ground for growing ‘servant hearts’ in people generally. You want your musicians to be willing to serve God in any area of gospel ministry, not just music. Simply because a person has musical ability then that should not be the extent of their service. Rather it is simply one way they can serve the body of Christ, and further develop an attitude of being ‘other-person-centred.’ This is certainly the example Christ has called us to follow.

In the link below you will find a great resource, a four page ministry discussion paper to work through with those your music team:
Music Ministry Training Paper
This paper explores a wide range of topics, from the role of the musician in the team, to the role music can play in ensuring the Bible stays at the centre of our activities. It looks at how church music can help ‘the Word of Christ’ dwell richly in the body of believers. It also touches on tricky issues like personal pride and motivation, committment to church and song-leading.

The paper could be used as a series of four discussions/studies, or two, or one, depending on the time you can afford to spare. It could even be something you give out ahead of time, then gather to discuss. Whichever way you do it, it should provoke some really useful discussion (and hopefully right thinking) in an area of serving which can easily become a self serving ministry, or Me-nistry, as some have described it.

If you want more indepth material to work through, check out my post on the bible studies called SING FOR JOY from Matthias Media.


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