Building Bolero – flash orchestra (Queensland Symphony)

I was driving home the other day and heard about this happening via the radio – wish I was close enough to have made it there to see. Thanks to youtube we both can. Enjoy this flash orchestra – it is a really well put-together clip! (And welcome to the city of Brisbane for all my international readers!)
“The Queensland Symphony Orchestra surprises a curious and enthusiastic crowd with a guerrilla-style performance of Ravel’s Bolero in Brisbane’s South Bank. The Orchestra relocated to the city’s cultural hub in December of 2012 and performed the pop-up performance to celebrate their move into a new state of the art studio. The Orchestra’s conductor was Tecwyn Evans. The film was co-produced with the ABC.
The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is renowned for its high quality, breath-taking performances of both classical and modern compositions that engage audiences of all musical tastes, interests and ages. You can find out more about the Orchestra’s current season at”.

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