Oh the Mercy of God

GOD'S GRACE IN HANDSAs I prepare a new playlist of songs for church this year, I’ve been thinking through older songs we have enjoyed in the last decade of which you may not even be aware. Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this one yet (since I am blogging about God’s grace, and music!). The lyrics of “Oh the Mercy of God” (1997) come to us straight from Ephesians 1:3-12, through the pen of Geoff Bullock, one of the founding musicians at Hillsong Sydney. In just three verses and a chorus he manages to sum up the wonder of a gracious God, who not only redeems us, but counts as as righteous! And why? For His own praise and glory. This is the astounding and almost unbelievable good news of the Gospel. Enjoy.
(Click on the link below to listen)

Oh the Mercy of God

Oh the mercy of God, The glory of grace
That You choose to redeem us, To forgive and restore
And You call us Your children, Chosen in Him
To be holy and blameless, To the glory of God

To the praise of His Glorious Grace
To the praise of His Glory and Power
To Him be all Glory Honour and Praise
For ever and ever and ever A–men

Oh the richness of Grace, The depths of His love
In Him is redemption, The forgiveness of sin
You called us as righteous, Predestined in Him
For the praise of His Glory, Included in Christ.

Oh the Glory of God expressed in His Son
His image and likeness revealed to us all
The plan of the ages completed in Christ
That we be presented perfected in Him.

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