Who is “The Idea of North”?

The Idea of North is widely acclaimed as Australia’s premier vocal ensemble. While I would love to speculate about the reason for the snazzy name of this a capella jazz quartet, I think it’s best if we just get on to introducing them. (And while you may not have heard of them as being “Christian musicians” there is much Gospel, heart and soul in their music).

So who are The Idea of North? In short, they’re a quartet of musicians, serious about their music without taking themselves too seriously. Their instrumentation: voice (soprano), voice (alto), voice (tenor) and voice (bass), with a little bit of vocal percussion thrown in. They have a beautifully distinct sound and style, but they cross many musical genres: jazz, folk, gospel, pop, classical, comedy – exactly what you see and hear at a concert is difficult to describe. With eight albums in the catalogue, a significant local and international fan base . . . ” You can read more here.

They have plenty of awesome covers of songs, along with their own original work. Their first, self-titled album may still be my favourite (1997), but THE GOSPEL PROJECT (2006) is a close second (listen to the sample of “People get ready“). They have been touring internationally with FEELS LIKE SPRING (2010) and EXTRAORDINARY TALE (2011). So be on the lookout, my readers in the Northern hemisphere. They will probably be coming to a city near you. Not only do they sing brilliantly, but their concerts are also lots of great fun with considerable audience interaction! Have a listen below (and let me know if you do get to see them live.)

Just a closer walk with thee – this one is lots of fun (filmed in concert), with much vocal percussion

Sweet Sweet Spirit – just the audio here

7 thoughts on “Who is “The Idea of North”?

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys!!!
    My all time favourite is their version of Van Morrison “whenever God shines his light on me…”

    And I can’t stop moving to “stayin’ alive’!

    🙂 jess


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