Singing in Babylon

There was this thread in the weave of Psalm Nineteen. I pulled on it.

This is what happened.

David, King of Judah, wrote Psalm Nineteen.

He wrote about the way creation clearly and constantly reveals the glory of God.

He wrote about the way the sun reaches into every part of the world with its light and warmth.

He wrote about the Law of the LORD, the Word of God, that the sun is like; the way it revives our lives and brings us wisdom and joy and light for living (not only light to see our way but it puts a sparkle in our eye as well); the way it adds taste to our lives (a rare taste – as rare as truly sweet things were in David’s world); the way it is ‘sure’ and ‘true’, reliable and certain and lasts forever.

Whenever he thought about God’s Word…

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